john (baroquelife) wrote,

i remember johnny

me: private
him: hi, i don't think you remember me but i was a customer of yours. i wanted to see if i could drop off a cd i made for you.
me: is this todd?
him: no ::muffle::
me: i'm sorry?
him: it's manuel...i bought some stuff at the store a couple of months ago and we talked, remember? i'm around the area. i wanted to say "hi."
me: oh, of course, i remember you.
him: well, i should be there in 20 minutes. see you soon.

when he left the store that day, i drew about 5 red stars around his name in my clientele book. i even made sure to personally send him a "thank you" email as oppose to one i usually send out to my mailing list. but i never did get a response. he explained today that he had been in new york since. he made me 3 cd's. that was nice of him.

i was pleasantly suprised.

but otherwise, i feel like shit. enough so for me to cancel all plans for tonight.

you know what it is? it's simply like catherine wheel's i want to touch you.

...but you're always out of reach.
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