john (baroquelife) wrote,

simplified beat

i'm not stepping foot in any club if my social life depended on it this weekend.

((mobile rings))

me: here i am.
davin (old high school best friend): hey, how've you been?
me: good, i just got home from work.
davin: what are you up to, boy?
me: nothing.
davin: listen - what are you doing tomorrow?
me: a shoot at 2:00 and the Blackbook Magazine party in the evening, why?
davin: i'm throwing a barbeque over my place.
me: what time?
davin: 7:00
me: i can make it. i probably won't go to the party until 9:00 or 10:00
davin: sounds good.
me: definitely. i'll be there.

i know, but parties differ from clubs in many levels. they usually half-step into a decrescendo. almost like downtempo.

sexy boy: air: etienne de crecy et les flowers pistols mix
everything is alright: four tet
miss fat booty: mos def
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