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these fleeting moments

you'd think that my day would go smoothly after receiving a pair of assymetrical chloe sunglasses in the mail. but off-of-work plans of nothing magnified through it's lenses when my car wouldn't start. this is after i drove all the way to work to pick up my check. the problem was an erroded battery conducter that mitra's roadside assistance crew jump-started in the back lot. they're advice for me was to go straight to a pep-boys and have it replaced. but how could i when the battery dies off again just as i start to pull out? it seems as if i can never leave work behind. i was stranded there for a few hours until the mechanic from across the street reluctantly agreed to bring what he said would too many tools to carry. i counted 5 wrenches.

i ended up closing with mitra. i didn't mind though because today was her birthday and dinner at Swingers was planned after a quick tattoo on her foot.
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